Mil vs MOA
Choosing MIL or MOA - Which is Right for YOU

Often you will be given the choice of getting a scope reticle in MIL or MOA, for some this becomes a very confusing - and at times embarrassing moment …Let us help you make a more informed decision.

First of all MIL and MOA are just references to 2 different units of measure... without getting into too much detail
1 MOA = 1 inch at 100 yards
1 MIL = 3.6" at 100 yards

If your shot is under 200 yards - you may just choose which unit of measure is easiest for YOU

BUT For some people that is the end of the story, but for others there is another chapter
Yes I now know about the reticle, but what about my turrets?
If you have a MOA reticle you will want MOA turrets, and likewise if MIL reticle/ MIL Turrets (this may sound obvious - but some scopes do not have the same unit of measure in the reticle and turrets... )

When you turn a turret there are clicks, each click moves your reticle a precise distance.
MOA: you can find 1/8,1/4, or 1/2 MOA per click - most common is 1/4 MOA per click
MIL: you can find 1/10 or 2/10 - most common is 1/10 MIL per click

When shooting long distances is when these "clicks" start getting important...

live example - Athlon Ares ETR
10 mil/rotation
29 mil max elevation
29 mil max windage
* This scope has 100 (1/10 mil) clicks per rotation
* 52.2 inches up / 52.2 inches down at 100 yards (for 29 mil max elevation)

25 moa/rotation with 1/4 moa clicks
80 moa max elevation
80 moa max windage
* This scope has 100 (1/4 moa) clicks per rotation
* 40 inches up /40 inches down at 100 yards(for 80 moa max elevation)

in this example the MIL appears to give you a larger range of motion, BUT again, look at the entire picture - bottom line pick the one YOU think YOU will be the most comfortable with... or if you are taking shooting classes.. the one YOUR INSTRUCTOR LIKES!!

We hope this helps... for this or any other questions please call/text/or email and we will be glad to have someone help